Some systems are experiencing issues
Scheduled Maintenance: Brisbane FTTB Services

Datacenter based upgrades are planned which will effect services at Glen Eagles Apartments (New Farm) and Proximity Apartments (Redcliffe). This is required to increase capacity. An outage is expected lasting 10 minutes with a maximum duration of 1 hour between 11am and 12pm Monday 16th of December.

Scheduled Maintenance: Bundaberg

Works in Bundaberg CBD are planned for Saturday 21st of December which will cause disruption to Bundaberg services. There is expected to be an outage of 20 minutes during the day, most likely afternoon. Staff will be onsite in the event any issues occur.

Checks will done after this to ensure services have been resumed. You should not require to restart your equipment.

Hazard Period: Mains power outage Bundaberg CBD

We have been advised by Ergon that there is scheduled maintenance which will cause interruption to our power supply in Bundaberg CDB. This outage will last 6 hours on the 26th January (8:30AM to 2:30PM).

This is for advice only, we have redundant power systems in place at our facility so there is no expected impact on customer services.

Past Incidents

21st February 2020

Fixed-Wireless Network Degraded services in North Bargara

13:00 Services in the north end of Bargara (Fixed-Wireless) have been effected earlier today from a radar signal detected by one of our antennas. When this happens the antennas automatically lower the output power and changes frequency. This is a mandatory functions to allow radar services to function. While not a frequent occurrence it has happened on another occasion in the past 12 months.

Services have returned to normal now, if you continue to have problems please restart your router before contacting us.