Some systems are experiencing issues

Past Incidents

6th August 2020

Major outage in Brisbane CBD effecting majority of services

Thursday 6th 10:45 A issue has occurred in Brisbane which is effecting majority of internet destinations. This is currently being investigated.

11:30 This incident has been escalated and being investigated with a team in Brisbane.

12:00 We awaiting a response from technicians in Brisbane and will provide updates as soon as possible.

15:00 The fault has been identified and fault equipment currently being replaced.

16:36 It is expected the issue will be resolved with 45 minutes.

17:45 All services with exception of those delivered over the NBN network have now been restored.

Friday 7th 10:00 We are still waiting on an update regarding the fibre fault causing the outage to NBN services.

14:12 The field operations team in Brisbane have identified the fault which is between floors in the Brisbane datacentre. We are now waiting on an ETA from the fibre operations team.

15:11 Fibre operations are onsite and completing repairs. NBN services are starting to come back online.

15:23 NBN services have been stable for over 10 minutes. If your service is still offline please try restarting your router before contacting us. We will continue to monitor the connection.